Welcome to my website.

I love to carve wood. The texture of the wood under my fingertips, the scent of the wood as I uncover new layers, and the crisp sound of a razor-sharp blade slicing through the fibers; these are the reasons I have chosen this medium of mediums, this gift of God. It is my hope that you gain a sense of these passions through my work.

I invite you to view my collection of work, specializing in custom walking sticks, as well as many other subjects.  Most works shown here are the result of private commissions, and are all originals.

I have had the good fortune to author instructional books for others who share my interest in wood carving; some of those works can also be found here. If you are an aspiring wood carver, please check out my books at the link above.

If you happen to have any questions or comments on what you see here, please feel free to contact me.

Shawn Cipa ~Woodcarver


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